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Blurring the lines between reality and fantasy

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April Arleine is a self-taught Austrian photographer and mixed media artist based in Paris. Her experimental approach characterizes her work and results in eye-catching imagery. With her works she enjoys to surprise  the viewer and to spark interest for the very subject itself. It is also this curiosity for the unknown that guides April in her photographic process and has allowed her to grow into her passion for surrealistic and distorted imagery. Her application of alternative image making techniques have resulted in an ever increasing experimentation with the medium of analog film and other photographic image making. Fascinated by the fact that distinct species experience the world through different eyes, she aims to alter human perception too. In her series “Look at me, I exist” the viewer becomes almost microscopically small, finding themselves in a new environment.



Group Show: 24.02.23 - 11.03.23 in

Salzburg, Austria

Group Show "The Art of Existence": 10.02.23 - 19.02.23 in London, UK

Contributor to Issue #5 "Esoteric"

Article "Regina's surreal and nostalgic photography"

9th Fine Art Photo Awards: selected Nominee in the category "Abstract" 

„La sélection Instagram #332“

Contributor to Issue #114 "The Portrait 2022" Group Exhibition

wasitapril - Lomo Home

Interview: Street scenes and portraits captured on Lomo Metropolis 400

Photo Vogue: 18.07.2022 "Dreams and Nightmares II"

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