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Look at me, I exist (2023)

Fascinated by the fact that distinct species see the world through different eyes, I wondered how I could create a new perception of the things around me. 


What if I would become the size of an insect? 


In “Look at me, I exist” we become almost microscopically small, finding ourselves in a new environment. Each work acts as a magnifier and turns our usual perception of objects upside down. 


The series is a wild mix of textures, patterns and colors and each image forms a world of its own. While allowing ourselves to explore the anatomy of the subject - its structure and layers - there is endless space for imagination. 


Finally, everybody will see something different. 

Even though a seemingly digital look is achieved, the composition of natural objects ensures that the mortal and physical nature of the subject is conserved in the image making process. In Look at me, I exist organic matter participates directly! Nature claims its space in a digital world. 


One can see and feel: the image is alive.

It exists.

What if I would become the size of an insect?

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